New Op-Ed on Nudging Smokers Away from Tobacco Risks

Mar 16, 2012 by

New Op-Ed on Nudging Smokers Away from Tobacco Risks

A new Op-ed by Alberto Alemanno on “Nudging Smokers Away from Tobacco Risks” has just appeared on RegBlog.

The Op-ed is well-written and self-contained in its explanation of how plain packaging and visual display bans may nudge smokers away from tobacco risks, and how the nudge approach differs from traditional regulation.

The text is introductory, so it doesn’t discuss issues such as whether nudging smokers away is legit under soft paternalism, nor provide an extensive list of nudges for nudging smokers away from tobacco risks. Still it is definitely worth a read.

Alberto Alemanno is Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law & Risk Regulation at HEC Paris and Adjunct Professor of Global Risk Regulation at Georgetown University Law Center and also Managing Editor of the European Journal of Risk Regulation (EJRR).

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